What’s Right in Front of Me — Stewardship Day 1

“Stewardship, at its heart of hearts, is a discipline that helps us to rightly remember our position in the family of God. We are not the providers; we are not the suppliers of every good and perfect gift; but neither are we only receivers of those gifts. We also oversee the resources of God for the benefit of his Kingdom.”

food-healthy-vegetables-dinnerWith a new job and a new apartment, I’ve had more chances to see and understand how the Lord has provided for me. He gave me the chance to grow up in a supportive family who pushed me to get my bachelor’s degree. He’s given me friends to support me emotionally as I grew into adulthood. He guided me to an internship and now job at this wonderful publishing company. And he provided me with the financial means to rent an apartment. And let me tell you, as I was slogging my carloads (repeat: carLOADS) of stuff up four flights of stairs to this fancy-schmancy apartment, my eyes were opened wide to how he’s blessed me. It took hours and six pairs of hands to help me move all of my things up to the apartment. As I watched my good friends sweat profusely and put everything they could into helping me carry my junk, I was so humbled to be the recipient of such friends—friends who love and care about me enough to sacrifice their entire day to help me get settled at my new place.

Up until that point, I had the mindset that the primary way I can be a steward of God’s creation is through recycling or giving away my clothing or carpooling—things that directly affect the earth and the environment. But stewardship is so much more than that. Not only does the Lord want us to be stewards of the plants and animals and take care of the world, but he desires for us to be stewards of our everything: our time, our resources, our hobbies, our passions, our talents. What we do with our possessions and our mindset toward our possessions represents our ability to be a steward.

The first step toward being a good steward is recognizing what he’s given us. That’s why I’m so thankful for this time of transition in my life from student to graduate to worker. It opened my eyes to every facet of my life that God has his hand in, be it supportive friends and family, my work ethic, my location in the community, my development as a person, etc. It’s so easy to be blinded by what the Lord has blessed us with already, when we’re busy looking for “extra-special” gifts, talents, or people put into our care. I see people asking, “What are my spiritual gifts and where can I use them?” while they ignore or fail to see the material wealth that they can be stewards of. Vice versa, some people get so caught up waiting to be blessed with physical possessions, that they don’t realize how they can be stewards of their spiritual gifts and personality traits. Often I get caught somewhere in the middle, nonetheless failing to see what’s right in front of me.

“We pick a bouquet and we bring it back to the gardener.” –C.S. Lewis

This week I’m going to make a list of things that God has given me, both physical items that I could give away or put to better use for others, as well as personality traits that I can better serve him with. Will you join me in thanking God for all of the undeserved love and care that he gives us daily?

Also, is there anything that you’re particularly grateful for this week? If so, what is it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on stewardship and how you strive to be better stewards of your lives.

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