I’m Worth Nothing – Stewardship Day 3

love-pen-bed-drinkingA World of Scarcity

“We live in a world of scarcity. From jobs to affection to limited-time offers, if it’s going to happen it’s going to be up to us and our ingenuity to get it done. We are constantly reminded that there is only so much of anything to go around.”

This passage from chapter 3 of Stewardship in the Everyday Matters Bible Study for Women Fasting & Stewardship puts a voice to one of my greatest fears: that I will live a life of isolation and never be loved. When I was a teenager (and, if I’m being honest, even now) I’d watch my friends who were heartbroken cry and tell me, “I’m never going to find someone. I’m going to be alone forever.” In a world that values love and wealth, it’s so easy to believe that we never have enough. Even millionaires look around their houses sadly and wish they had genuine friends and family to share their lives with.

This is where my mindset must change.

A World of Abundance

“We have to envision the world as God sees it: As a place of abundance. We have to reject the images of scarcity so prevalent in our culture. Not only is there enough—there is more than enough.”

Because of God’s love, I have all that I need.

It’s so painfully easy to turn a blind eye to the Lord and ignore his cries of love for us. I turn away from the cross daily, refusing to acknowledge the insane amount of love Christ has for me. When Jesus died on the cross, he took on the burdens of isolation and rejection so that I will never have to feel them. In the moment he gave up his spirit, he was opening the doors of everlasting joy and love for me. And the beautiful thing about this is that he created so much love that it covers not only me, but you too. And your neighbor, your cousin, all the friends you’ve ever had, all the enemies you’ve ever had, all the orphaned children in the world, all who are suffering, everyone.

I’m Loved, but Am I Worth Anything?

pexels-photo-29910As I write this, my mind is thinking, “Okay, great. So God has given us his love and his presence abundantly. But I feel like I’m worth nothing. There’s no use in loving a rock if it won’t get up and reciprocate your love. I feel so incapable of doing anything right or of being anything of worth.”

When I assess the gifts that God has given to me, I need to remember to take off the veil that tells me that I have nothing of worth. Even though what I have looks like so little, no matter how many times I think to myself, “I’m worthless. Why would God want to use me?” I need to dig into God’s word and remember how God has intentionally knit me together in my mother’s womb. How he specifically blessed me with unique gifts. How what I have has been given to me by God, and that my life is worth everything. He is an abundant God. Therefore he has abundantly gifted me with beautiful traits.

With that comes the wonderful, satisfying, unsatisfying, difficult burden of stewardship.

Stewarding Even Our Most Meager Gifts

light-romantic-flowers-date-7550“How can I be a steward of my life, which, by the way, feels like it’s worth practically nothing?”

I need to start small. Remind myself in the bathroom mirror each morning, “I have worth. What I say and do has value,” and remember to do everything with Christ in mind. Instead of ignoring my calling to steward my life for Christ, I need to daily take up my cross and follow him. I need to keep walking and keep serving even though I may not know where I’m going. The Lord will guide me and use me to love and help others if I remain open-hearted and open-minded.

Your Story

What has your journey been like, as a steward of your own life? I’d love to hear your story and how you’ve used your circumstances to radiate Christ’s love.

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